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Our Service fees are only $1.99 per filing envelope.

Personal Services

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Electronic Filing of Court Documents

Electronic filing (e-filing) is a method of filing documents with the Clerk of Court by electronic transmission utilizing the Court's e-filing system. E-filing does not include transmission by facsimile or by email.


Legal e-File has been approved by the County and/or State to receive and transmit all e-filing submissions between users and the Court's e-filing system.


We have simplified e-filing by offering a fast and easy single screen e-filing interface for our customers. We also provide many Bonus Features (at no additional charge) such as PDF conversion, file stamped documents attached to your acceptance notification email, case summary views, detailed activity reports (perfect for billing your firm's clients), and electronic service.


In addition to our e-filing service, we now offer personal service options (Service of Process, E-mail to E-file, Physical Filing, and Physical pickup of documents) at an additional fee. 


If you are a self-represented user (currently in California only), you will find information on professional help in your county through our Professional Help pages.


If you are new to e-filing, we suggest that you first review our knowledge base on our E-Filing FAQs pages. You may also find it informative to view our short tutorial on e-filing. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Support 24/7 via phone or LIVE CHAT. We look forward to serving you and welcome any comments you may have.