Account Settings FAQs

1. Adding and Managing Attorneys and Support Staff:


Adding Attorneys or Support Staff:

- Select the "Settings" tab ⇒ Select "Manage Users" on the left ⇒ Click "Add Attorney" or "Add Support Staff" on the right side.

- Enter the information in the popup window.The first check box is to make the attorney a user.

- First Box

          (1) Check the first box (and enter email address) if the attorney wishes to be a registered user of Legal e-File,

               complete with login information and the ability to file.

          (2) DO NOT check the first box (and do not enter an email address) if you will be filing on behalf of the attorney,

               but the attorney does not wish to login for himself/herself.

- Second Box

          (1) Check the second box to make the attorney a Service Contact, which will place them on the firm’s list of contacts

               who can be selected for service.

          (2) DO NOT check the second box if the attorney does not want to be listed as a Service Contact for the firm.

- Click "Add Attorney" at the bottom of the popup to complete the process. If you do not see the attorney on the user list,

  click "Refresh" in the top right corner.


Editing Attorneys or Support Staff:

- Select the "Settings" tab ⇒ Select "Manage Users" on the left ⇒ Click "Edit" to the right of the account you want to edit..

- Make the desired edits and click "Save User".


2. Updating Account Information:

- Select the "Account" tab ⇒ Select "Account Settings" on the left.

- Make the desired changes and click "Save Account".

*Note - Only Firm Administrators have the ability to update firm information.


3. Opting out of eService:

- Select the "Account" tab ⇒ Select "Service Contacts" on the left ⇒ Click "delete" on the right of the service contact you wish to remove.

- Choose "Confirm" in the popup window.

*Note - Anyone can re-add you to the service contacts after you have been removed.


4. Changing Your Password:

- Select the "Settings" tab ⇒ Select "Change Password" on the left. 

- Follow the directions by entering your Old Password and your New Password

- Choose "Change Password"