Information Specific to California

Please Click the Links to Refer to Documents for California Specific Rules & Practices:

I. California: 

              Title 2. Trial Court Rules

              Civil Code of Procedure

II. Local Rules Of Court and other pertinent information:

          Alameda County:

               Title 4. Criminal and Traffic Rules

               Title 5. Family and Juvenile Rules

               Current Fee Schedule

          Alpine County:

          Butte County:

               Local Rule 21   Electronic Filing              

               Standing Order  - Criminal Matters

          Calaveras County:

               Chapter 3 - Civil Rules

               Chapter 5 - Family Law and Juvenile Rules

               Chapter 7 - Probate Rules

          Fresno County:

               Chapter 2. Civil Rules

               Chapter 5. Family Law Rules

               Chapter 6. Juvenile Rules

               Chapter 7. Probate Rules

          Glenn County:

          Kern County:

               Civil FAQs 

               Family Law FAQs

               Probate FAQs

          Kings County:

               Local Rules

          Lassen County:

          Los Angeles County: 

               Chapter 3 - Civil Division Rules

                                     Civil eFiling FAQs                                    

                                     Civil Document Name List              

                                     First Amended General Order re Mandatory Electronic Filing for Civil          

                                     Civil eFiling Tips for Reducing Rejections

               Chapter 4 - Probate Division Rules

                                     Probate eFiling FAQs

                                     Probate eFiling Document Types and Fees

               Chapter 5 - Family Division Rules

               Tips For Successfully Efiling Family Law Documents

          Merced County:

               Local Rules of Court 

          Monterey County:

               Chapter 3   Juvenile Department

               Chapter 4   Probate Department

               Chapter 6   Civil Department

               Chapter 10   Family Law Department

               Chapter 14   Criminal Department

               Chapter 16   Mental Health Department

          Napa County:

               Rule 6: Civil Rules

               Rule 7: Family Law Proceedings

               Rule 9: Probate

               Rule 10: Juvenile Court Rules

          Orange County:

               Family Law E-filing Introduction

               Family Law Electronic Filing Exception List

               Family Law Filing FAQs

               Division 7 - Family Law  

          Placer County:

               Civil eFiling FAQ

               Family eFiling FAQs

               General eFiling FAQs

               Receiving eService

          Riverside County:

               Civil eFiling 

          San Diego County: 

              Civil e-filing Requirements

              Civil e-filing FAQs

              Civil e-filing List

              Family Law e-filing Requirements

              Family Law e-filing FAQs            

              Family Law Electronic Filing and Imaging General Order

              Family Law e-filing Exception List      

              Probate e-filing Requirements

              Probate e-filing FAQs

          San Luis Obispo County:

               Local Rules of Court

          San Mateo County:

               Local Rules of Court

          Santa Barbara County:

               Chapter 10 - EFiling

               Chapter 13 - General Civil Court Procedures

               Chapter 14 - Family Law Rules

               Chapter 16 - Mental Health Rules

              Chapter 17 - Probate Rules

               Chapter 18 - Small Claim Rules

               Chapter 20 - Juvenile Cases

          Santa Clara County:

               e-Filing Technology Fee

               General Rule 6

               Civil Division and Small Claims

               Family Division

               Juvenile Division 

               Probate Division

          Santa Cruz County:

               Division 1   Electronic Filing

               Division 2   Civil Rules

               Division 3   Family Law

               Division 4   Probate Rules

               Division 5   Criminal Rules

               Division 6   Juvenile Court Rules

          Stanislaus County:

               E-Filing General User Information

          Sutter County:

               Chapter 2 - General Rules

               Chapter 3 - Civil Rules

               Chapter 4 - Family Law Rules

               Chapter 5 - Juvenile Rules

               Electronic Filing Procedures

          Tehama County:

          Tulare County:

               Case Types Available to eFile

               Filing Fee & Procedures

               General eFiling Procedural Information 

               Basic eFiling FAQ's

          Yuba County:

               Chapter 3. Civil

               Chapter 4. Probate Department

               Chapter 5. Family Law Department 

               Chapter 7. Juvenile Law Department