Online Advertising Agreement

This Online Advertising Agreement (the “Agreement”) between LegaleFile, Inc. located at 10061 Riverside Drive #123, Toluca Lake, California 91602 and the advertising professional (the “Professional”) is entered into as of the date the Professional accepts the terms of this Agreement by charging his/her credit card as compensation for the first month of advertising space on


SCOPE OF ACTIVITIES. The Parties will undertake the following activities. The Parties acknowledge that their respective obligations to undertake these activities serve as good and valuable consideration for this Agreement.


Initial Interest Shown by Professional. The Professional shall read this agreement and submit the information required (including name, email, appropriate professional category and county, website address, desired text for link to Professional’s website and photo) via the online form on


Follow-Up From LegaleFile, Inc. LegaleFile, Inc. shall notify the Professional whether there is available space in the Professional’s chosen county and category. A maximum of eight (8) spots will be occupied in each category in each county. If no space is currently available, LegaleFile, Inc. will notify the Professional if and when space does become available. If space is available in the Professional’s chosen county and category, Legalefile, Inc. will email a credit card submission slip to the Professional to begin the first month of advertising.


Payment by the Professional. Upon notification that the professional is being offered space in the county and category of choice, and acceptance of that space by the Professional, the Professional shall complete the credit card submission as a monthly recurring payment (subscription fee) to be charged to the Professional’s credit card on file as of the first of each month until cancelled by the Professional or LegaleFile, Inc.


LegaleFile, Inc. Publishes Advertising on Behalf of the Professional. Upon payment of the first month’s subscription fee, LegaleFile, Inc. will post a photo and link to the website submitted by the professional in the Help category and county chosen by the Professional. The first monthly payment shall be paid to LegaleFile, Inc. before the link will appear on


COMPENSATION. The total compensation for these advertising services shall be fifty dollars ($50) per month until further notice. If the compensation changes for these advertising services, LegaleFile, Inc. will provide the Professional with a (60) day written notice of its intent to modify the compensation amount.


TERM AND TERMINATION. This Agreement is effective as of the Launch Date. The Launch Date shall be the date when Professional’s advertisement link is presented live on Thereafter the term will automatically renew for successive one (1) month terms without notice unless either Party provides a thirty (30) day written notice of its intent not to renew. There are no prorated refunds upon cancellation.